Proposal Automation for MS Word
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The best proposal software meets the most powerful Generative AI on the market.

Expedience automates proposals where your entire team works today – Microsoft Word.

And now that connection is more powerful than ever.

Microsoft Copilot is the undisputed AI leader in the creation of sales proposals and other business-critical content.

Proposals > Responses

Proposals are more than just ‘question and answer pairs’. They are branded and tailored documents designed to influence, educate, and win business. Some of which can be automated, some must be created proposal by proposal.

This is the beauty of Expedience. We automate the repetitive elements with a library of your best content, curated for reuse. Then we get out of the way to let your experts bring their opportunity-specific magic to the proposal document.

Guidance and Guardrails

Best proposal software for proposal writers by proposal writers
Proposal Writers
Expedience is the leader in Proposal Automation software for proposal and sales teams around the world
Sales Teams
Efficient collaboration for subject experts using the power of MS Office 365
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Teams do extraordinary things with Expedience Software

Beyond proposal automation.
Expedience is document automation.

Expedience automates RFP responses, sales proposals, and contracts that take many forms across your businesses.

Being native to Word, Expedience is flexible and solves more of these business automation challenges.

Create the best proposals with the best content, curated, branded, and optimized for reuse.

Innovation & Excellence...

Keep Competitive Content Safe.

With Expedience Software, you never lose control of your content. You won’t have to upload your strategic proposal content to any other server. Our software lets you remain in complete control of your sensitive content. Distribute it as you see fit – your private network, SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.
Simple and efficient proposal management from RFP receipt to proposal submission

Don’t settle for RFP response AI.

AI has seemingly taken over every business discussion today. And, with the flood of exciting new competing solutions, it’s no wonder why. Like any competition, there will be winners and losers.

Microsoft is one of the biggest software companies in the world and Copilot will soon be used across your business to answer everyday questions, analyze content across your network, and drive MS Office applications.

Today is no time to bet on a niche, proposal-only AI software application that might be made obsolete in a year or two.